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We are in the generation where things are coming up as per our requirements. There is no need for an individual to worry about anything because they can get a solution with the best technology out there as per the problem arising. We all are quite aware of MSI’s mystic light. If you have no idea about it and want to know the same in detail, you are on the right page.

Here we will be going to explore MSI Mystic light so that next time, district term or feature will not trouble you at all.

What is MSI Mystic Light?

MSI Mystic Light Icon

MSI Mystic light is a complete control for RGB lightning for the PC. It is the software that is specially developed for the RGB motherboard and graphic cards. Also, with the help of Mystic light compatible products, users can build up the RGB PC and add on some glowing vibes as per their requirements. For all the MSI and partner products, this feature is booming because it helps them have the interface as they always wanted without compromising with any feature.

It is important to check out whether the product you are purchasing is compatible with Mystic light Sync or not. If the same product is not compatible with Mystic light Sync, this will not be applicable.

Features of MSI Mystic light:

Understanding about the features which make it a must choice to consider you would be surprised to know about all of them. Let’s have a look:-

Mystic light extension:

Mystic light extension feature is also available with it, which acts as software to allow the user to customize the colors and control them as per their requirement. All the effects will be encountered on the product having RGB support. Also, the RGB motherboard, which has onboard RGB LED available and the extension pin header this will be utilized easily.

Change of RGB LED strips lightning:

Users will be able to change the RGB LED strip light just by visiting the motherboard icon tab right there on the Mystic light desktop app. They just need to adjust to the Lightning as per their requirements. This clearly indicates that there will be no need for a user to end up with default lightning.

Free to use:

This application is free to use as well. There will be no need for a user to spend an unnecessary amount for utilizing this ultimate application. All they require is a laptop that is compatible with the features of the application. The laptop is not compatible with the same features, it will be difficult to have access to the application.

Set the color of your choice:

The best part is right now, by visiting the motherboard a can a user can locate the matched pin header options and adjust to the Lightning as they want.

Can be utilized whenever required:

The best part is mystic light option is not permanent. Whenever a user is required, they can utilize the same. All they need to do is to understand how to switch all the detected components OFF and ON. If you have an idea about the same, they can easily utilize the Mystic light application.

A single tool for controlling Lightning:

This is the single tool for the users who want to control the Lightning of their device. This clearly indicates that whenever required, a user can utilize it and when they can turn it off. There will be no restriction imposed.

Regular updates:

Regular updates are also available for the Mystic light feature, which means that whenever there is an integration of new features, a user can have access to all of them. There will be an indication that appears on your screen so that it will be easy for you to update it immediately.

The ultimate support for gaming:

The Mystic light feature is known to offer ultimate support for gaming. If you are interested in gaming, this will make your experience more commendable over the portal. This will enhance your gaming experience.

How to use MSI Mystic light?

Whenever it is about using the Mystic light, a user needs to be sure about the right step. Here we are sharing the right steps so that there will be no such trouble next time, and utilizing the MSI Mystic light will be easy for you. The steps are as follows:-


The primary step is downloading.

  • The same user needs to download the MSI Dragon Center software, which is available on the Our homepage.
  • After downloading the software, install and reboot your system.
  • Launched the Dragon center and select the live update for performing the scan.
  • Check onto the Mystic light list and install it. After the installation has been completed, find out the Mystic light icon on the home tab.


As the Mystic light icon will be available on the home tab, a user needs to search for the same. Click on the icon, and then a list of auto-detect products will appear at the top of the control panel. Check it out and initialize.


Now the time is to customize the settings:-

  • When you are done with initializing, the time has come for customizing it. Click on the product icon, which is right there are available at the top for changing the RGB LED light for each and specific product.
  • Select out the color effect and light to speed up along with the brightness of your choice and hit on the apply button.
  • The RGB PC lightning sync is available right there as the big change icon in the upper right corner, and the light effect will be adjustable as in the previous step. Do it as per your requirement.
  • Now changed to the settings for a single product if required, and this can be done by clicking on the red change icon under the product icon. Users can change the color to grey easily. In case there is a broken chain icon, then it indicates the not synchronized product.

These are the steps a user needs to follow for getting the MSI Mystic Light. Make sure to pay attention to every feature so that there will be no such trouble at all. In case you are not paying attention towards the right is stepped, utilizing the same feature will be difficult for you.

If you are stuck in any customization steps pls comment down watch this video 🙂

Final words

Here we have come to an end and discussed MSI Mystic light. A user needs to get an idea about each factor so that their experience over the portal will become able and utilize the tool to the core. If there is some information missing, it will be difficult for them to answer the queries arising.

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