MSI Gaming Center

MSI Dragon Center

MSI Dragon Center is a freeware utility software developed by MSI to help you enhance your gaming experience and performance on MSI devices. Through this page, you can explore more information and can also download Dragon Center for your desktop.

MSI Gaming Center

MSI Dragon Center is a very powerful and useful software for gamers. It helps you to play games with ease. The tool comes with a ton of features that absolutely change the way you play games usually.

The Dragon Center is much more than just a gaming utility. It also allows you to monitor your system’s temperatures and fan speeds, as well as make adjustments to the system’s audio devices and even have control over the lighting in your PC (via MSI Mystic Light). The software also comes with a number of utilities for gamers that allow you to perform quick and easy registry tweaks, which would otherwise require using complicated overclocking tools.


If you’re very new to MSI Dragon Center, then it may take you a little time to get your head through all the features. So, just for you, we have picked out some of the features and listed them below. Do check out.


The tool provides you with a detailed overview of your system which includes GPU, CPU, and RAM, etc. This helps you to monitor your system in real-time with a variety of stats.

Gaming Mode

The feature will allow you to run and play games with the best possible settings. The tool will apply optimization by itself. There's no hassle to put manual efforts.

Gaming Armory

As it sounds with the name, the gaming armory is the weapon vault of the Dragon Center. Some interesting features include system cleanup, true color mode, and system tuning, etc.


As of now, Dragon Center by MSI is available for Windows devices only, and that too is for supported MSI Devices. 

MSI Dragon Center v2

Version: v2.0.109.0
Size: 701.02
Last Release: 26 May 2021

You can download the software package by clicking on the button given below.

MSI Dragon Center Old Versions

Here is the list of MSI Dragon Center All Versions. You can click on the link respectively to download the software.

MSI Dragon Center 2.0.38 (Release Date: 26 March 2020)

MSI Dragon Center (Release Date: 16 Jan 2020)

How To Install MSI Dragon Center

You can install Dragon Center on your Windows OS just like any other software by following on-screen instructions. However, if you still need help, take a look at the steps given below.

1. Download from the above.

2. Once downloaded, extract the content from the ZIP file.

3. Open the extracted Dragon Center installer (e.g. Dragon Center_2.0.113.0).

4. A popup will appear asking for permission, just select ‘Yes‘.

5. Now, the installation wizard will start and ask you to confirm the language. Click OK to go with the default or you can choose any as per your preference.

6. Click ‘Install‘ to confirm and begin the installation.

7. The process should now start. This may take a little while. So, kindly please do wait for a couple of moments.

8. As soon as it’s done, it will ask you to restart the computer. So, just select the ‘Yes, restart the computer now‘ option and hit ‘Finish‘.


Dragon Center is a freeware all-in-one gaming utility software exclusively for MSI launches.

Yeah, as of now you can run MSI Dragon center only on MSI laptops that too on the supported devices only.

Just in case, if MSI Dragon Center stopped working, kindly do check that you’re using the latest version of the software or not. If not, then go ahead and download the latest release from above.

Gaming mode provides you with automatic optimization for the game that you launch using it. However, you can alter the settings like display mode, backlight control, etc as per your preference too.

You can use MSI Afterburner to stress test or overclock your GPU to measure components’ performance.